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     Raised in an American Air Force family, Judy developed a sense of adventure and interest in other cultures during her childhood as she traveled and lived in several of America’s great cities including the Washington, DC area; Long Island, New York; San Francisco, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; and Tampa, Florida. At a young age, Judy enjoyed fashion design, visual art, and the culinary arts. As she explored these interests, she became aware of the French contributions to creative culture and began to love all things French. She studied the language during high school and university.  In adulthood, while raising her two children in Tampa, Florida, she encouraged them to learn the French language by placing French vocabulary stickers around their home and playing French cassettes. She  taught them about French artists and food, and continued expanding her own understanding of the language as well as her friendships with French-Americans through membership with l’Alliance Française. 


        After her children were grown, Judy had the opportunity to travel to France as a birthday gift in 2006.  She visited Paris and Nice and sensed a special connection with the French people and way of life.  Upon returning stateside to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Judy initiated a small group meeting in her home, under the auspices of her church, Victory Christian Center, to pray for the people of France and their government, and to study their culture.  In the spring of 2007, she returned to Paris with a team of ministers to help facilitate a one-week pastor’s seminar.  One year later, Judy received and accepted the calling to be a full-time missionary to France.  To prepare, she attended and graduated from Victory World Missions Training School, adding both Missionary Certification and Ministry Ordination to her degree in Business Management and Theology. Then she moved to France and trained at a language school south of Paris.


       Judy has worked in administrative, creative, and leadership capacities in both secular and ministerial organizations in the U.S., including the Promise Keepers ministry, church ministry, law offices, fashion, and real estate development. In France, after attending French language school, she helped start a new church-plant in the western suburbs of Paris, called The Bridge Paris, leading the Alpha Course, a Bible-based program offering the basics of the Christian life. She also began a Women’s ministry, a Prayer ministry, and provided mentoring and spiritual direction. For eight years, Judy has led and continues to lead Alpha Courses in local churches in the Paris suburbs and trains others to be Alpha leaders. She speaks in churches, at Women’s Conferences, and holds weekly prayer meetings in her community in France. 


        Judy has two children living in the U.S. and two grandchildren.  You can connect with Judy by email at or by writing to the U.S. mailing address for Heart for France:  P. O. Box 594, Arlington, VA 22216-0594. 

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